Opening of the SADC Committee of Ministers of Justice/ Attorneys General

Justice Minister Honourable Titus Mvalo  has assured the Democratic Republic of Congo which is taking over leadership of the SADC Committee of Ministers of Justice/ Attorneys General in August this year, of Malawi’s  continued support.

Mvalo was speaking at the official opening of the SADC Committee of Ministers of Justice/ Attorneys General at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe. He said the meeting has come at the right time as some of the agenda items under discussion have the potential to mitigate effects of climate change.  He made reference to the Draft Memorandum of Agreement amongst the Southern African Development Community Member States for the Establishment of a SADC Humanitarian and Emergency Operations Centre.

The Minister said this Draft legal instrument seek to provide enabling regional framework and institutional mechanisms to deal with disasters and emergencies that continue to affect the region. Mvalo said another legal instrument under microscope is the Draft Protocol Against Trafficking in Persons. He said trafficking in persons which is a global vice that require cross-border interventions and cooperation in order to eradicate it.

Honourable Mvalo expressed hope that the Committee will take its time to consider the draft legal instruments under spotlight and provide the necessary legal clearance required to ensure that they are ultimately recommended for adoption and signature by SADC Heads of State and Government in August 2022 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Committee, using the adopted Action Plan of 2016 will consider a Draft Report under the area of cooperation on recognition and enforcement of foreign maintenance orders. The Draft Report is a culmination of an exercise that commenced in 2021 and involved Member States providing inputs and guidance, which the SADC Secretariat has consolidated for consideration.

The Minister said the work of the Committee will contribute to the realisation of the objectives set out in the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan 2020-2030 which is a blue print for the social, economic and political transformation of the SADC Region.

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