Attorney General is the principal law officer   of the government and is appointed by the President. The Attorney General may be a Minister responsible for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.  The current Attorney General is a public officer. If the Attorney General is a public officer, he or she may serve a term of five years, unless he or she resigns, retires or until the expiry of the President’s term of office, whichever comes sooner. 

The President may remove the incumbent for incompetence or misconduct.The Attorney General, on top of advising government, takes up litigation on behalf of government and government departments. The office of the Attorney General also coordinates legal issues within government departments, statutory corporations, and all three arms of government. In essence, this office interacts with almost all other players in the democratic governance sector. The Attorney General’s offices are located at the MoJCA in Lilongwe. The Attorney General has a national reach through State Advocate offices and directly supervises the civil litigation Section which is headed by the Chief State Advocate.