The Registrar General’s Department

The Registrar General’s Department is responsible for the registration of companies, business names, political parties, trusts, patents, industrial designs and trademarks, and the collection of non- tax revenue i.e.  stamp duties and estate duties. The Department is also responsible for the registration of marriages under the Marriages, Divorce and Family Relations Act. These are marriages other than customary marriages or Asiatic marriages.

The Department is headed by a Registrar General and has presence in all the three regions of the country.

The Department is an important institution in the governance sector, with particular importance in the economic governance area as regards registration of business entities and in the political governance as it moderates the registration and de-registration of political parties. 


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Kobe Mentality 3

Minister of Justice

Hon.  Bright Msaka, SC, M.P.

Today's Date

September 2020

Director of Public Prosecutions

        Mary D. Kachale

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Solicitor General

Gertrude Lynn Hiwa, SC.



Chief Legislative Counsel

             Chizaso Nyirongo

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