About the Ministry

The Ministry of Justice of Malawi provides legal advice and services to the government's ministries and departments, as well as the general public. The ministry represents the Government of Malawi in civil litigation cases and prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the State, drafts legislation, and vets agreements and treaties on behalf of the government.

The ministry comprises the following departments:

The ministry operates under the direction of the Minister of Justice and the supervision of the Solicitor General and Secretary for Justice

A state with citizens and non-citizen enjoying access to justice and respect for human rights

To contribute to socio-economic development and achieve justice, peace and security in the country in collaboration with justice stakeholders

The Ministry shall attain this mission by:

  • Providing sound legal advice to the Government;
  • Prosecuting criminal offenders timely;
  • Drafting legislation and vetting contracts, agreements and other legal instruments on behalf of Government diligently;
  • Conducting civil litigation on behalf of Government;
  • Providing a conducive legal framework for the incorporation of trusts, registration of companies, businesses and various legal instruments;
  • Providing efficient administration of deceased estates.

Core Values
The core values of the Ministry are:

  • Professionalism: We shall discharge our duties with a high degree of integrity in keeping with ethical standards
  • Transparency and Accountability: We shall discharge our services in an open manner and shall be accountable to the government and the citizens of Malawi for our actions.
  • Impartial, Fair and Just: We shall perform our duties without fear or favor
  • Discipline: We shall discharge our duties with utmost trust and integrity
  • Adaptive and Dynamic: We are committed to be responsive to changing needs and circumstances in order to provide a better service to the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.
  • Confidentiality: We are committed to providing access to relevant information to all stakeholders as and when it is ready for public use but shall endeavor to protect the rights of all individuals by keeping confidential information which is not ready for public consumption